Hi friends, welcome to FITCHUNKS blog here you learn how to stay fit and healthy.


FITCHUNKS is my dream, here I am telling you about health I share articles about weight loss, muscle building, and many more.

I love being healthy and fit and I want that people stay fit to live a healthy lifestyle. I just want to share my knowledge with the help of blogs with the help of knowledge people should aware about healthy lifestyle that people would stay fit.


Hello friends,  my name is daksh mehta I am a  professional fitness expert and blogger. after completion of my studies I work in a gym as a trainer and 2years  I was working in a gym and I was very happy to work in a gym after some time I thought that I want to share my knowledge to peoples then I think I start a website because I think blogging is a right platform to share my knowledge. And after open my website I am very happy it was a life-changing decision for me. The main focus of my website is to help people to stay fit and live a healthy lifestyle.