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The 11 Best Vegan Sources Of Protein You Should Add In Your Diet

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There are many people who are vegetarians and they prefer only vegan food. But many vegetarians don’t know the right food that what kind of food they should eat to cure the deficiency of protein. In this blog, you can get full knowledge of the vegan sources of protein, That what kind of vegan foods you should eat which have protein to maintain the content what you need in a day.

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Here are 11 high vegan sources of protein which can cure deficiency of protein.

Best And Healthy Vegan Sources Of protein

This blog is especially for vegetarians because non-vegetarians can eat any kind of food. But vegan people are suffering and vegetarian people don’t know what kind of food is good for them. But don’t worry after reading this blog your doubt will be clear, That what type of food is good for you and all the different foods that will be told here will be high vegan sources of protein.

1. Peanuts Or Peanut Butter

vegan sources of protein

Peanuts are one of the best and healthy sources of vegan protein. Apart from that, It is good for your heart. Because healthy fats help to improve heart health.

Peanuts contain 13gram of protein in half cup which is very high in protein, This could be the better vegan source of protein for vegetarians.

2. Almond

vegan sources of protein

Almond is not only packed with protein but also filled with nutrients such as Manganese, Fiber, Protein, Magnesium, Healthy Fats, Vitamin E, etc. These are the nutrients are very good for your health and Vitamin E is very good for your overall skin. Almond also helps to boost your brainpower which is great means this one food can many things.

It contains 21grams of protein in a cup. That also could be a better source of protein and should add this food.

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3. Tofu

vegan sources of protein

Tofu is made by curd and it is really a high source of protein you should add this in your diet. Because this is one of the tastiest vegan sources of protein.

This food is super amazing for vegans. It contains 10 to 12gram of protein in one cup which is good for vegans. You can add as an evening snack in your diet. The rest depends on you when you feel hungry you can eat.

4. Quinoa

Quinoa is an amazing Indian food. Most of the people like to eat this food because of its nutrients.

This food is very rich in nutrients and protein. If we are discussing the protein content of quinoa then it contains 12-15grams of protein which is very amazing for vegetarians. You can say that this is also the best vegan sources of protein for vegetarians.

5. Brown Rice

vegan sources of protein

Brown rice is very nutritious everyone should eat brown rice because it’s very healthy. Especially for those who are suffering from diabetes because it helps to control the sugar level in your body. So, That you can control your diabetes.

This food contains 10-12grams of protein in a cup which is very good. You can add in any meal and enjoy this amazing food.

6. Lentil

vegan sources of protein

Lentils are very healthy food it contains high Dietary Fiber, Protein, Magnesium, Potassium, Complex Carbs, Vitamin, etc.

Lentils contain 16grams of protein in a cup. This is the best vegan source of protein which you should add in your diet.

7. Low Fat Milk

As we all know that milk is a complete food. It has all the nutrients which we need but it is also high protein food which is amazing for vegetarians.

Milk contains 10grams of protein in a glass which is really high protein content. You should add this food to your diet. It is the complete food so it helps to fill your stomach which is very much impressive.

8. Paneer

Paneer is an amazing and tastiest vegan source of protein. It is really high in nutrient which is very healthy for you.

This food is super amazing for vegans. If we are discussing the protein content of paneer then it 22-25grams of protein in 100gram of paneer which is really very high in protein.

9. Protein Shake

protein shake is good for everyone either you’re vegetarian or non-vegetarian. But it is more beneficial for vegetarians because non-vegetarians can eat any kind of food and they have a lot of options. But for vegetarians options are limited, That is why protein is a good vegan source of protein.

It contains 25grams of protein in 30grams of a scoop. Which is very high in protein and it digests easily, So, There are no digestives issues.

10. Whole Wheat Bread

vegan protein sources

Whole wheat bread is an amazing food source. It is also a best and great source of protein. This is an amazing food for vegans and you must add this food.

This food contains 13grams of protein which is good enough amount. You can add this food in at breakfast which gives you protein and fills your stomach.

11. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is not a high protein. This is not the best vegan sources of protein but it has amazing health benefits which prevent you from many diseases. It has Anti-Inflammatory properties, Antioxidants, It helps you from heart diseases. This is one of the best spices on this planet. You can add in milk it will give many health benefits.

At The End

These are the super amazing vegan sources of protein you should add in your diet. These vegan sources of protein are great and high in protein which is very beneficial for you. You just have to focus on your diet and eat these vegans sources of protein. So, That you can achieve your fitness either it is muscle building or fat loss. These foods will definitely help you.

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